February 1, 2020

Here we are, already in February!  Another 1st Saturday under our belts.  We are still in awe that these events happen and that people come and support the mission.  There would never be enough to repay everyone that has loved us along the way. With that being said, Saturday brought out so many first time guests that it was hard to control the excitement.  Over 45 people came to the event and can not wait till the next.  


There was plenty of food and drinks to go around.  In fact there were no leftovers this time which leads me to believe, there was just enough.  It was record breaking warmth for the event so we were able to be outside and chat. Several veteran organizations, social media followers and others came out to celebrate the warmth of the day with us. 


The impact that these events will have on the community can not be matched or even predicted.  Setting out with a small vision and seeing it unfold before us makes it so magical. Glass blowers of all levels were able to participate in this piece.  Here is the information to go and follow them.  


Steve Kelnhofer




Lyric Also Veda




Jeff Engle










If you know a glass blower that would like to participate then please let them know to contact us and we can accommodate that.  


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for participating and supporting in the ways that you are able. 


Join us March 7th for the next one!


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