Veteran’s Day 2021 at Elev8 Premier

For Elev8 Veterans and for people everywhere Veteran’s Day is a day of celebration and remembrance, and at Elev8 Veterans we wanted to do something special to honor our military veterans and to support our mission to help rehabilitate veterans and to raise awareness about the struggles that military veterans face in the United States. In pursuit of this goal we held a Veteran’s Day event at the Elev8 Premier glassblowing studio on November 13th, 2021. We invited our local community of glassblowers to come down and donate their time to the event. In exchange, the glassblowers were fed and provided with glass color that they could use to make glass products that were then donated to Elev8 Veterans to raise proceeds to support the mission of our non-profit organization. The newly formed Elev8 Pizza Co. was also there serving up smoked pizzas and donating their proceeds to Elev8 Veterans as well.


The glassblowers and the local community came through and everyone at the event had an amazing time sharing in their passion for cannabis, glassblowing, and the community of underrepresented U.S. military veterans who need every bit of help that they can get when returning to society from parts of the world that face war and hardship. The items that the glassblowers donated will be sold and the proceeds will go to Elev8 Veterans who will then use those funds to help raise awareness and to help military veterans reintegrate into a society that has often left them behind.

Thank you to everyone who came down to our Veteran’s Day 2021 event, and to the glassblowers who donated their time and energy in support of our military veterans. We couldn’t ask for a better community or a better celebration to honor those who fought and died for the security of our nation.

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